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released October 4, 2010

All songs written by Mauri Nadina
Produced by Santiago Olariaga.
Arranged by Mauri Nadina, Santiago Olariaga, Manuel Llosa, Lautaro Burgos and Ruben Casco.
Sound Design: Santiiago Olariaga and ((((((tAtu eStela)))))).
Recorded and mixed by ((((((tAtu eStela)))))) at Fort Music Studios and PapetGroove Studios.
Mastering: Gustavo Fourcade at Steps Ahead Sound.

Additional Credits:

Overdubs at Estudio Bulo by Nacho De La Riega.
Vocal fx: Camila Ibarra.

Cover and back photos:Lula Bauer
Wadrobe: Carolina Perez Goni
Makeup: Lorena Supervielle.
Graphic Design: Joaquin Olariaga
other photos: Nadina Mauri

My ongoing thanks to everyone above mentioned and also:

MY FAMILY: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sisters and their children. Natividad, Tia Negra, Lili, Martu, Pepi.

Heather Henniger, Alejandra Del Busto, Martin Visconti, Pablo Savalia, Mariano Sanci, Nacho Mateu, Mariano Otero, Kristin Albretch, Leah Howe, Pipi, Santi Dinelli, Ben Fleisher, Sarah Farzam, Julian Cassia, Jessi Bonilla, Andres Romitrovsky, Marcelo Woloski, Sinhue Padilla, Daron James, Gerald Trotman, Mauro Satalino, Kashan Fields, Rochelle Bellin, Matt Gill, Alejandro Corvalan.




MAURI Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Cantante, compositora y productora.
Estudio Musica, Teatro y Cine.
Vivio en Francia, USA y ahora en Uruguay. Nacio En Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Grabo 2 discos producidos por Santiago Olariaga que se lanzaron en Buenos Aires y Nueva York, y actualmente presenta shows en Argentina y Uruguay donde Mauri trabaja en nuevo material.

Amar la Tierra, Vivir con Arte.
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Track Name: We are what we want to become
We are what we want to become
Music and Lyrics by Nadina Mauri

We are what we want to become,
We are what we want to become
We are what we want to become
No thought of limitation.

There’s always a destination
And we can all jump on the train
But if we delay that process
Then we complain and feel sorry for ourselves

It’s a lot easier to follow the crowd
And fall back in the pattern
But if we realize the power lies inside
We can take our destiny in our hands

We are what we want to become…

Meditate, visualize, feel inspired
That’s how we’ll achieve our dreams
Meditate, visualize, feel inspired
If it’s true in our mind, it can materialize

Dreams may roam, in between realities that live, inside your mind
Train your brain, focus on your dream today
Express yourself, don’t repress yourself
Track Name: Mankind
Mankind Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

Mankind we must remind
Becoming one with nature is the secret of the mind
Mankind we must remind,
The teachings of the highest rise in front of our eyes
Mankind we must remind,
The fusion of the matter and the energy are profound
Mother earth gave birth to all beings to unite and survive
In this life

Father taught me as a child
How to build a garden and live off the ground
Plants and trees would grow year round,
Guided by the rainfall and the shining Sun.
Mother taught me how to bake
How to cook a meal and the love it takes
Pick the fruits and make ‘em jam
Saving for the cold days of the winter time
Pure water form the ground
Never left us thirsty when the summer comes

Brother ‘bout fresh herbs he knows
Some we use for seasoning and some we’ll smoke
Rasta man knows how to fish,
Pick coconut and breadfruit, make a beach day dish
Sister Meli poked my brain
Teaching me the importance of the “day by day”
Unty taught me about our waste
Recycling the materials that might hurt the earth
Don’t, don’t’ hurt the earth, don’t don’t hurt the Earth!
Track Name: Me voy
ME VOY Music and lyrics by Mauri Nadina

Oi tu voz decir, ya no me amas
Me culpas sin saber, cual es la razon..
I heard your voice say, you don’t love me anymore
You blame but you don’t know what’s the cause

Me duele, It hurts so much,
Me duele, it hurts so much,
Me duele el Corazon,
It hurts in my heart.

Las huellas de este amor, ya se han borrado
Y hoy duerme junto a mi , tu cuerpo helado
The traces of this love, have been washed away,
Your body, next to me, feels so cold in bed.

Y me duele, it hurts so much
Me duele, it hurts so much,
Me duele el Corazon, me duele el Corazon
It hurts in my heart.

Yo de noche me desvelo, I can’t sleep at night no more
No me amas ni te amo, you don’t love me anymore,
No me culpes, I’m not guilty,
Esto es culpa de los dos
If you can’t get over my mistakes, too bad! I got over yours.
Forgiving and forgetting, feels much better than that shit you hold inside.

Por eso me voy, I’m leaving
Me voy, I’m leaving
Me voy, I'm leaving…
Track Name: If you'd had the balls
If U’d had the balls Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

What would you do?
if you could go back in time
would you act like a man?
would you show me the man that lays inside? Oh..

would you tell me why?
you left me a broken heart

would you treat me right?
Would you hold my hand
And not let me go and share my life
With another man…
Like I’m doing now

It’s a sad sad story
Good things could’ve happened
If you’d had the balls
Track Name: Wanna tell you
Wanna tell you
Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

I, I’m collecting all these tears in my heart..
I, I’m collecting all this pain in my heart.
I wanna tell you that, this isn’t all your fault
I wanna tell you that, I neglected this as much us you

And I know I lied, and I know it wasn’t only once no,
I know I lied and I know I told you I wouldn’s do so..
So now I am standing here, and I am looking in your eyes and telling u
Hey please, would you reconsider what we had…

I, know it’s not all yourfault,
I wanna tell you that, I neglected this as much as you.

You, you, you, you, might be expecting just too much of this life
You should realize the power is inside
And there’s nobody else to blame for your shit

I, I’ve been pushed away by you and myself,
I, I’ve been selfish trying to live a good life
Making efforts to ignore what’s around.
Track Name: Certainly pleasant
Certainly Pleasant
Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

It’s been a while since I had
Real fun with a man
Started hanging out with u
And it’s been certainly pleasant

We sit around, smoke around play arund
Sing 7ths and 9ths
Fool around, time goes by
And it feels certainly pleasant

Feels so natural, I say you don’t need that long ride on the train
You can stay here by my side
Talk about your Island and mine

We hit it one more time
Spacing out on some afro sounds
Laying down side by side, it feels
Certainly pleasant

All the right amount of pleasure,
Just the right amount of care..
You don’tnee dto call me later
Or tomorrow or another day
What we are doing here is love to me
But doesn’t mean I want a family
What we are doing here is love to me...

Now I’ve got this picture in myhead
Oh no I cannot forget,
Grab my ankles with your hands
On your shoulders res my legs
Find a way to get real deep
And you do it so softly
Find a way to flip me around
Boy u do it oh so fine….
Track Name: Real life
Real life
Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

Cierta gente , me parece tan extrana
No conocen, lo que hay fuera de su caja.
Some these people, sometimes they can weird me out
They don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, how to think outside the b0x
(think outside the box)

I can’t stand no middle numbers, no soporto la mediocridad
“so I heard someone said, I think it was Kiwan, my friend,
if we measure from 0 to 10… which half do you pick on that scale?"

I can’t stand no middle numbers, no soporto la mediocridad
In the extremes I find my comfort, los extremos son mi realidad
Guardate tu libro, (put that book away now)
Save your recipes for baking, this is real life

Some these people, find no alteration, live no transformation, have no recreation.
Some these people, looping rigid daily actions, there is no room for distraction,
To all those people, listen what I’m saying, I am not complaining, I’m just clearly stating,
To all you people, I’m not criticizing, I’m just emphasizing,

I can’t stand no middle numbers….

Yaaaaa, la monotonia se acabo
Yaaaaa, el dulce medio se acabo
Yaaaaa, el que alla dormia hoy desperto
Yaaaaa Ahh
Track Name: Friend
Friend Music and lyrics by Nadina Mauri

I’m so happy I found, the transparance of your eyes
I came to realize, I see colors when you smile
Your words they sound so pure
They mean nothing but good, they mean nothing but good
I like being your friend, cause your energy is so bright, oh so bright

No need to rush things through, cause the joy is on the ride
No need for silly games, you like me and I like you..
Tu ru turu turu turu, turu turu tu turu…

I finally understood a lot,
Is not about committing
People like the way you are or they don’t
And that’s fine, yeah that’s fine
Tu ru turu turu turu, turu turu tu turu…
Track Name: Recover (from that feeling)
Recover from that feeling

Music and Lyrics by Nadina Mauri

I wanna be all alone,
Try to find a place by the beach where it’s warm
Isolate and meditate
Will I ever recover from this feeling?
I wanna be all alone
Listen how the silence breaks when the wind blows
Contemplate and generate
Will I ever recover from this feeling?

What’s natural I cannot fight
Our instict tells us what is right
Pay attention what you feel inside
Followed without fear, takes us to the light

What’s natural I can’t control
What we don’t know, one day we’ll know
We are all wise beings waiting to evolve
Mastering our senses, it’s what saves our souls

I wanna find my own way,
Follow my own map, find my own destiny
Visualize and recreate,
And I might never recover from this feeling
Got to stay true to myself,
Go under the surface and search in the depth,
After crisis comes the change, change.

Resisting makes the chaos grow
Anxiety can take control
So try accepting and go with the flow
Cause every situation in the end gets solved

What’s natural I cannot fight
Our instict tells us what is right
Pay attention what you feel inside
Followed without fear, takes us to the light…